Orgasms FAQ

What's up with your dick?

Masturbating or topping causes me pain. I can't get off with it.

How do you cum?

I can cum from anal stimulation. It's the only way I have ever had an orgasm. About 50% of my orgasms are from sex with my partner. The rest are from dildos or other anal toys.

So you've never jerked off to orgasm?


How did you figure this out?

My first orgasm was when a guy put his fingers inside me.

Why do you cum so often?

I have hypersexuality, and hyperspermia. I need to cum approximately as often as you need to pee.

Why do you track your orgasms?

Originally, I was on new libido control drugs, and wanted to track the changes precisely. Now I do it just for fun, and a love of statistics. It is still occasionally useful to track my sexual health.

Why is your orgasm data public?

I am a raging exhibitionist.