Edging training

Train yourself to edge properly

Things you will need:

  • A penis.
  • A coin or die.
  • (Optionally, but ideally.) A fleshlight or similar masturbator toy.

Masturbate to as close to orgasm as you can. When you feel you are on the edge, quickly flip the coin.

  • If it says you can cum, with as short a delay as possible, stroke your cock exactly ONCE more.
  • If it says you can't cum - don't do anything.

If you weren't supposed to cum, but did, you were too close.

If you were supposed to cum, but didn't, you weren't close enough.

In the long run, over repeated attempts, you will be forced to reach the point of orgasm, but not over, in order to pass both cases.


  • You can make it easier in the beginning by allowing yourself two or maybe three extra strokes if you are supposed to cum, instead of just one. The goal should always be one, though.

  • If you don't want to cum too often during training, you can use a dice instead of a coin, cumming only if the number is greater than 4, for example.

  • It is not recommended to attempt this too frequently as you may become too sensitive, or not sensitive enough, depending on how often you have edged or cum. I recommend twice a day, in the morning and evening.

  • For the most rapid results, do not masturbate, have sex, or touch your erect penis between sessions.

  • A fleshlight is better than your hand because it enforces a constant pressure of stimulation. If you use your hand, you can adjust the pressure when you feel yourself getting close, which makes it too easy and therefore poor training.

  • If you are allowed to cum, it is OK to continue stroking your cock, but only after your orgasm has fully begun. I recommend waiting for the first spurt of cum.

  • If you accidentally cum when you are not supposed to, I recommend you do not touch your cock during the orgasm.